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After many visits to various farms in Canada, we selected what we believe to be some of the best Braunvieh cattle, embryos and semen from proven bloodlines and breeders in Canada. We increased our herd by Artificially Inseminating our herd to Proven Sires from Canada and Switzerland.


Within a short period of time we began to see the fruits of our labour.

The first year of the Canadian Braunvieh Bull Test at Cattleland Feedyards in Strathmore, AB, Fieldstone Esquire ET won the bull test with tremendous Accolades and is now being used extensively in Brazil . The second and final year of the Canadian Braunvieh Bull Test, Fieldstone Braunvieh won top honours with three of our five bulls entered, placing in the top three positions of their respective classes.


Fieldstone Braunvieh has gone on to produce Sires and Females worthy of purchase to Braunvieh Seed stock producers, AI studs and commercial cattleman in Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico and other parts of the World. We will continue to increase the genetic value of our herd by selecting animals the world over. We welcome you to view our animals on our web page and encourage you to contact us to answer any questions you may have.

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